Zurn Z9A-PHIX Under Sink Acid Neutralization System, Point-of-Use

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Zurn Z9A-PHIX Under Sink Acid Neutralization System, Point-of-Use Applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Neutralize acid at the source
  • Compact design fits under sink with no special piping
  • Easy maintenance
  • 10 year warranty

Product Specifications:

Zurn Z9A-PHIX Point of use application, replacing standard P-trap. PHIX® Cartridge Acid Neutralization System includes industrial strength glass-filled polypropylene body with a 1-1/2" [38mm] compression fitting inlet and 1-1/2" [38mm] No-Hub outlet, removable upper neutralization chamber, and lower sediment collection chamber. System uses PHIX® Media, a mix of non-hazardous solid alkali non-resin materials to neutralize acids in a self-contained system.

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