Zurn Z1930 8" x 4" A.R.E. Sani-Flor Receptor Floor Sink 4" Sump Depth

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Zurn Z1930 8" x 4" A.R.E. Sani-Flor Receptor Floor Sink 4" Sump Depth

Zurn Z1930 / ZN1930 8" x 4" Diameter [203mm x 102mm] Cast Iron Acid Resisting Epoxy Coated (A.R.C.) Body and Rectangular Square Holed Light-Duty Grate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Acid resistant enamel coating provides chemical resistance
  • Rounded body prevents bacteria buildup
  • Anti-splash interior bottom dome strainer to catch debris
  • Cast Iron or Nickel Bronze finish

Engineering Specification:

ZURN Z1930 / ZN1930 Sani-Flor Receptor 8" x 4" x 4" [203mm x 102mm x 102mm] deep cast iron body and rectangular square hole light-duty grate, with white acid resisting epoxy coated interior and top, complete with white ABS anti-splash interior bottom dome strainer.

  • Z1930 = Cast Iron Body with White A.R.E. Interior.
  • ZN1930 = Cast Iron Body with White A.R.C. Interior, 8-3/4" x 4-3/4" [222mm x 121mm] N.B. Frame and Full Grate with 5/16" [8mm] Square Openings

Technical Documentation:

Sku Variants:

  • 1930, Z 1930, Z1930-2NH, Z1930-3NH, Z1930-4NH, Z-1930-2NH, Z-1930-3NH, Z-1930-4NH
  • ZN 1930, ZN1930-2NH, ZN1930-3NH, ZN1930-4NH, ZN-1930-2NH, ZN-1930-3NH, ZN-1930-4NH

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