Zurn Z1461 Cast Iron Square Hinged Floor Access Panel

Size (Frame): '-12 12" x 12" [305mm x 305mm]
Sale price$142.99

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Zurn Z1461 Cast Iron Square Hinged Floor Access Panel

Zurn Z1461 Cast-Iron, Square, Hinged Floor Access Panel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Square hinged access panel.
  • Available sizes: 12" x 12"
  • Also available in Nickel Bronze, and Polished Bronze.
  • Perfect for accessing valves or equipment in floors and walls.
  • Set flush with finished wall or floor.
  • Can be covered over if necessary (reduces access).

Engineering Specification:

ZURN Z1461 Square hinged Dura-Coated cast iron scoriated secured access panel and frame with anchor lugs. Set flush with wall or floor for light-duty applications.

Technical Documentation:

Zurn Z1461 Hinged Access Panel Specification Submittal
Zurn Z1461 Hinged Access Panel DXF Drawing File

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