Zurn Wilkins 975XLHBM Fire Hydrant Backflow Meter Combination

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Zurn Wilkins 975XLHBM Fire Hydrant Backflow Meter Combination

Zurn Wilkins 975XLHBM Fire Hydrant Backflow Meter Combination.

Product Overview:

The Zurn Wilkins 975XLHBM Hydrant Backflow Meter combination provides high hazard non-potable protection for temporary fire hydrant installations. Assembled with an approved backflow preventer and water meter. Hydrant not included.

Features & Benefits:

  • Utilizes Wilkins time-tested 975XL
  • Allows for cross connection protection on temporary water hook-ups
  • Protects potable supply from potential contamination
  • Accurate measurement up to 250 GPM
  • Utilizes approved ZURN WILKINS Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer for maximum protection against backflow conditions
  • Class II Turbine type meter insures accurate measurement
  • Check valve access covers allow for ease of maintenance without disassembly of the entire valve
  • Hard anodized aluminum meter design results in a lighter weight product ideal for temporary installations
  • Outlet shut-off valve allows for fast and easy flow adjustment
  • Inlet screen to protect meter from potential damage caused by foreign debris
  • Lifting handles allow for quick installation to hydrantAdjustable support stand for positive support
  • 2-1/2" brass inlet swivel fitting for fast installation
  • Straightening vanes for increased accuracy of measurement


Designed for use in measurement of potable water from a fire hydrant or other non-permanent installation where flow is in one direction only. Protects against both backsiphonage and backpressure of contaminated water into the potable water supply. NH (NST) adapters allow for connection to 2 1/2” Fire hydrant (inlet) and 2 1/2” Fire hose (outlet). Assembly shall provide protection where a potential health hazard exists.

Standard Compliance:

Model 975XLHBM Hydrant Backflow Meter meets the design requirements of most national standards. Due to the portability of the assembly, there are no national approvals available.

Meter meets the requirements of: ANSI / AWWA C701-88 Class II


  • Main Valve Body: Cast Bronze ASTM B 584
  • Access Covers: Cast Bronze ASTM B 584
  • Fasteners: Stainless Steel, 300 Series
  • Elastomers: Silicone (FDA approved), Buna Nitrile (FDA approved)
  • Polymers: Noryl™, NSF Listed
  • Springs: Stainless steel, 300 series
  • Meter Body: Aluminum
  • Connections: Cast Brass ASTM B 584
  • Gate Valve Body: Brass ASTM B 584 Alloy C85700


  • Sizes: 2" Backflow Preventer
  • Maximum Intermittent Flow Rate: 250 GPM
  • Maximum Rated Flow Rate: 160 GPM
  • Maximum Working Water Pressure: 175 PSI
  • Maximum Working Water Temperature: 180°F
  • Hydrostatic Test Pressure: 350 PSI
  • Hose connection (2-1/2"): NH (NST)
    • Female Inlet (NFPA 1963)
    • Male Outlet

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