Zurn Wilkins 6-ZW209FP 6" Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve

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Zurn Wilkins 6-ZW209FP 6" Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve

Zurn Wilkins 6-ZW209FP | 6-ZW209FPG 4" Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve, Pilot Controlled, Diaphragm Activated. Field Adjustable from 50 psi to 165 psi.


  • The Zurn Wilkins Model ZW209FP Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve is designed specifically for Fire Suppression Systems to reduce high inlet pressures to a safe and stable outlet pressure. The pilot assembly reacts to changes in downstream pressure allowing the main valve to modulate between the closed and open position ensuring a constant downstream set pressure. Once the downstream pressure reaches the pilot setting, the main valve will seal shut preventing damage downstream.
  • Pressure regulation is not dependent upon flow rate, resulting in minimal pressure loss through the valve.
  • In addition, the Model ZW209FP comes standard with red epoxy coating internally and externally for corrosion protection, as well as isolation valves and pressure gauges for quick and easy maintenance or repair.
  • The Zurn Wilkins Model ZW209FP is available in both globe and angle pattern bodies.


  • UL and C-UL Listed (1-1/4" thru 10")


Main Valve Body: Ductile Iron ASTM A536
Main Valve Cover: Ductile Iron ASTM A536
Disc Guide: Stainless Steel
Seat: Stainless Steel
Disc Guide: Buna-N Rubber
Diaphragm: Nylon Reinforced Buna-N
Stem: Stainless Steel
Spring: Stainless Steel

Standard Features:

  • “Wye” Type Strainer
  • Inlet and Outlet Pressure Gauges (UL/FM)
  • 3-Way Gauge Isolation Valves
  • Red Epoxy Coated, FDA Approved
  • Copper Tubing and Brass Fittings

Engineering Specifications:

The Pressure Reducing Valve shall be a diaphragm actuated, pilot controlled. The main valve body shall be Ductile Iron ASTM A 536. The stem of the basic valve shall be guided top and bottom. The diaphragm shall not be used as a seating surface. All internal and external ferrous surfaces shall be coated with a high quality, fusion epoxy coating. The pilot control shall consist of a two-way, normally open, direct acting, adjustable spring loaded, diaphragm actuated pressure reducing pilot. The pilot control shall be field adjustable from 50 psi to 165 psi. The Pressure Reducing Valve shall be a ZURN WILKINS Model ZW209FP.

Technical Downloads:

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