Zurn Wilkins 1250XL Lead-Free Copper Piston Water Hammer Arrestor

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Zurn Wilkins 1250XL Lead-Free Copper Piston Water Hammer Arrestor Application: Ideal for use where Lead-Free* fittings are required. Designed to protect residential, commercial and industrial water lines during pressure surges following quick valve closure. This excessive pressure surge is absorbed by the pre-charged cushion of air permanently sealed within the water hammer arrester. The water hammer arrester may be installed within a stud bay without the need for an access panel.

Engineering Specification:

The Water Hammer Arrester shall be certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 372, consist of a copper body with a low lead brass hexagonal male pipe threaded inlet, an acetal, polycarbonate or low lead brass piston with Buna Nitrile or EPDM o-rings and lead free solder. The device shall be pre-charged and sealed at the factory. The Water Hammer Arrester shall be a ZURN WILKINS Model 1250XL

Standards Compliance:

  • ASSE® Listed 1010
  • ANSI A112.26.1
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 372* by IAPMO R&T *(0.25% MAX. WEIGHTED AVERAGE LEAD CONTENT).


Body Copper Tube (seamless, Type “L”), Tailpiece Low Lead Brass, Piston Acetal (NSF Listed) Polycarbonate or Low Lead Brass, O-rings Buna Nitrile (FDA approved), Solder Lead Free.

Features Sizes: 

A, B , C , D , E , F Temperature range 33° F to 180°F End connections Threaded ANSI/ASME B1.20.1.


Maximum transient pressure surge, with arrester properly sized and placed in the water supply system, will not rise above 150 psi following quick valve closure. Maximum static pressure: 150 psi. For best performance, static line pressure should not exceed 85 psi; contact the factory for proper sizing if static pressure is greater.

Technical Documentation:

Zurn Wilkins 1250XL Specification Submittal: Click Here.

Zurn Wilkins 1250XL Installation and Maintenance Instructions: Click Here.

Zurn Wilkins 1250XL Sizing Selection (PDI-WH201): Click Here.

Zurn Wilkins 1250XL Water Hammer Arrestor Engineering Guide: Click Here.

Zurn Wilkins 1250XL Technical Information: Click Here.


Mitigating Water Hammer Learning Video:

Cross Reference:

Zurn Wilkins 1250XL Lead-Free Copper Piston Water Hammer Arrestor Crosses:

  • Ancon / Watts LF15M2, LF152M2-A, LF152M2-B, LF152M2-C, LF152M2-D, LF152M2-E, LF152M2-F
  • Mifab CLS.

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