Zurn Wilkins 1-625XL 1" 25AUB Replacement Pressure Reducing Valve

Connection Type:: 1-625XL FNPT Union x FNPT
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Zurn Wilkins 1-625XL 1" 25AUB Replacement Pressure Reducing Valve

Zurn Wilkins 1-625XL 1" [25mm] Replacement Pressure Reducing Valve with Integral By-Pass Check Valve and Strainer.

Features & Benefits:

  • A direct dimensional replacement for Watts 25AUB pressure reducing valve.
  • The 625XL features all the benefits of the 600XL with a competitive replacement footprint, allowing for rapid replacement with a superior solution.
  • Bronze threaded bell speeds access to internals, reducing labor by 50% compared to competitor bolted style easing maintenance and repair.
  • Equivalent lay-length to main competitor eliminates re-piping, material, and additional labor, significantly reducing installation costs and time.


The 34-625XL directly replaces a single union Watts 25AUB-Z3. Ideal for use where Lead-Free* valves are required. Designed for installation on potable water lines to reduce high inlet pressure to a lower outlet pressure. The integral strainer makes this device most suitable for residential and commercial water systems requiring frequent cleaning because of sediment and debris. The direct acting integral by-pass design prevents buildup of excessive system pressure caused by thermal expansion. The balanced piston design enables the regulator to react in a smooth and responsive manner to changes in system flow demand, while at the same time, providing protection from inlet pressure changes.

Standard Compliance:

  • ASSE® Listed 1003
  • IAPMO® Listed
  • CSA® Certified
  • City of Los Angeles Approved • Meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61 * *(0.25% MAX. WEIGHTED AVERAGE LEAD CONTENT)


Maximum working water pressure: 300 psi
Maximum working water temperature: 140° F
Reduced pressure range (standard): 25 psi to 75 psi
Factory preset: 50 psi
Hydrostatic test pressure: 300 psi


Engineering Specifications:

The Pressure Reducing Valve shall be certified to NSF/ANSI 61, consist of a low lead bronze body and bronze bell housing, shall have separate access covers for the plunger and strainer screen and shall have a bolt to adjust the downstream pressure. The Pressure Reducing Valve shall reduce pressure in both flow and no-flow conditions. The bronze bell housing and access caps shall be threaded to the body and shall not require the use of ferrous screws. The Pressure Reducing Valve shall be a ZURN WILKINS Model 600XL or 625XL.

Typical Installation:

Local codes shall govern installation requirements. Unless otherwise specified, the assembly shall be mounted in accordance with the latest edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code. The Model 625XL may be installed in any position. If installed in a pit, vault or inside application, specify the “SC” sealed cage option. Multiple installations are recommend for wide demand variations or where the desired pressure reduction is more than 4 to 1 (i.e.: 200 psi inlet reduced to 50 psi outlet). CAUTION: Anytime a reducing valve is adjusted, a pressure gauge must be used downstream to verify correct pressure setting. Do not bottom adjustment bolt on bell housing.


Features and Benefits of 600XL and 625XL

Technical Documentation:

Zurn Wilkins 1-625XL Specification Submittal: Click Here.

Zurn Wilkins 1-625XL Installation Instructions: Click Here.

Zurn Wilkins 1-625XL BIM Model: Click Here.

Zurn Wilkins 1-625XL Repair Parts: Click Here.

Zurn Wilkins 1-625XL Flyer: Click Here.

Zurn Wilkins 1-625XL Sizing Calculator: Click Here.


  • 1" 625, 1625-XL, 1 625 XL, 625 1, 625XL-1

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