Zurn RD2150-FS Flat Sump Replacement / Retrofit Roof Drain

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Connection Size: '-SS3 3" [76mm] Push-In
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Zurn RD2150-FS Flat Sump Replacement / Retrofit Roof Drain

Zurn RD2150 Flat Sump Replacement / Retrofit Roof Drain.

Product Overview:

Zurn RD2150 Replacement Roof Drain for Retro-Fit Applications. Designed for renovation roof applications where existing roof drain bodies cannot be utilized. The RD2150 is designed to penetrate the old roof drain body, bonding securely to the inside of the drain pipe. The RD2150 is furnished with #16 gage Type 304 stainless steel body and neoprene gasket, complete with DuraCoated cast iron clamp collar and dome with stainless steel hardware.

The RD2150 is installed inside of an existing drain. The drain is used where re-roofing is done over existing roofing, as well as total roof replacement renovation applications. The original roof drain need not be disturbed and the new drain is installed by insertion into the leader pipe. The neoprene gasket with one-way gripping ribs holds the drain in place. Once installed, the drain is held securely in place and sealed to the pipe, preventing possible leakage. Installation shows new insulation and membrane applied to roof. Note: Tie-down slots for fasteners are provided in the RD2150 flange. It is recommended these be utilized during construction to hold drain body firmly in place.

Technical Data:

  • Zurn RD2150-FS Specification Submittal: Click Here.
  • Zurn RD2150 Suffix Option Specification Submittal Sheets: Click Here.
  • Zurn RD2150 Replacement Roof Drain Installation Instructions: Click Here.
  • Zurn RD2150 Replacement Roof Drain DXF Drawing File: Click Here.

Zurn RD2150 Available As:

  • RD2150-SS3, RD2150-SS4, RD2150-SS5, RD2150-SS6.
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