Zurn 66955-277-9 Z1022/Z1022-XL Sani-Gard Automatic Trap Primer Repair Kit (1999-PRESENT)

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Zurn Z1022-XL-UNIV-RK 66955-277-9 Z1022/Z1022-XL Sani-Gard Automatic Trap Seal Primer Repair Kit (1999-PRESENT).

Features & Benefits:

REPAIRS: Zurn Z1022-XL lead-free sani-gard automatic trap seal primer. All bronze body with integral vacuum breaker, non-liming internal operating piston, stainless steel spring, removable bronze seat with metering orifice, and sealed bronze cover.

Product Notes:

  • Repairs Zurn Z1022 / Z1022-XL Automatic Trap Seal Primers manufactured from 1999 to Present.

Repair Kit Includes:

  • (QTY 1) Item #1: Cover, Part Number 54348
  • (QTY 1) Item #2: O-Ring , Part Number 23750
  • (QTY 1) Item #3: Spring, Part Number 63138
  • (QTY 1) Item #4: Piston, Part Number 61861
  • (QTY 1) Item #5: Gasket Seal, Part Number 61862
  • (QTY 1) Item #6: Seat, Part Number 54350
  • (QTY 1) Item #6: O-Ring, Part Number 23750

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