Taco 0034E-F2 ECM Cast Iron High-Efficiency Circulator Pump

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Taco 0034E-F2 ECM Cast Iron High-Efficiency Circulator Pump

Taco 0034E-F2 ECM Cast Iron High-Efficiency Circulator Pump


The 0034e™ is a high-performance, variable speed, wet-rotor circulator with high-efficiency ECM permanent magnet technology. With 5 easy settings, its variable speed performance curves are equivalent to the Taco 009, 0010, 0011, 0012, 0012 3-Speed, 0013, 0013 3-Speed & 0014. Ideal for large residential and light commercial hydronic heating, chilled water cooling and domestic hot water systems. The 0034e reduces power consumption by up to 85% compared to equivalent AC permanent split capacitor circulators. With a maximum of 34 feet of head and 50 gpm, it is available in either Cast Iron or NSF certified Stainless Steel.

  • 5 easy dial settings to match system requirements - activeADAPT™, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH or 0-10V DC analog or PWM digital signal external input
  • BIO Barrier® protects the pump from system contaminants
  • SureStart® automatic unblocking and air purging mode
  • Replaces all single speed and 3-speed circulators in its class
  • Multi-color LED: power on, mode setting and error code diagnostics
  • Use with a Taco ZVC Zone Valve Control or SR Switching Relay for ON/OFF operation
  • Nut-grabber feature on flanges for easier fit up
  • Dual electrical knockouts and removable quick-connect terminal strip for easy wiring • Double insulated
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Rotatable control cover to simplify installation


  • Maximum Shut-off Head - 34 feet
  • Maximum Flow - 50 gpm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure - 150 psi (10.3 bar)
  • Maximum Water Temp: 230°F (110°C)
  • Minimum Water Temp: : 14°F (-10°C)
  • Electrical specifications:
    • Voltage: : 115V/208/230, 50/60 Hz Single phase
    • Operating Power: : 10 - 170W
    • Max. AMP Rating: 1.48 (115V) - 0.70 (230V)
  • Equipped with a Cast Iron or Stainless Steel casing
  • Suitable for chilled water systems
  • Stainless Steel model suitable for open loop potable water systems
  • Taco circulator pumps are for indoor use only
  • Acceptable for use with water or maximum of 50% water/glycol solution

Materials of Construction:

  • Casing - Cast Iron or Stainless Steel
  • Stator Housing - Composite
  • Control Base - Composite
  • Control Cover - Composite
  • Cartridge - Composite
  • Impeller - Composite
  • Shaft - Ceramic
  • Rotor - Neodymium
  • Bearings - Ceramic
  • Thrust Bearing - Carbon
  • O-Ring & Gaskets - EPDM


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