Mifab MI-TEMP-NPB Automatic Pressure Balance Valve

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Mifab MI-TEMP-NPB Automatic Pressure Balance Valve

Mifab MI-TEMP-NPB Automatic Pressure Balance Valve.

Product Specification:

MIFAB Series MI-TEMP-NPB automatic pressure balance valve complete with rough chrome plated cast brass body, type 304 stainless steel piston and shell and two ½” (13) F.P.T. inlet and two ½” (13) F.P.T. outlet connections. Unit complete with brass plug at end tapped 1/8” (3) for soap dish attachment. Product complies with the AB 1953 low lead requirements.

Product Function:

The MI-TEMP-NPB holds a selected water temperature to within one degree from any constant hot water supply regardless of pressure changes in the supply lines. It ensures a blend of mixed hot and cold water at the shower head and is fully automatic - only one moving part will equalize the hot and cold supply line pressures. As supply line pressures fluctuate, the brass piston will move enough to compensate for the change in pressure and release water only at the preselected temperature.

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