MIFAB FS720-30 12" Square x 6" Deep PVC Floor Sink

Outlet Size: 2" Socket (FS722-30)
Sale price$279.99

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MIFAB FS720-30 12" Square x 6" Deep PVC Floor Sink.

Product Function:

Floor sinks are used in kitchens, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, and other areas that require a large volume sanitary drain. The light duty grate is recommended for foot traffic. The PVC light duty grate is not recommended for vehicle traffic.

Product Specification:

PVC floor sinks are manufactured out of PVC material to provide the ultimate in sanitary design. PVC material has excellent resistance to chemicals such as the acids contained in fruits, vegetables and fats. The smooth, uniform surface is easy to clean and the floor sink will not chip or rust. PVC floor sinks are lightweight for easier handling, installation and transportation. PVC floor sinks are available with optional dome bottom strainer and with full, three-quarter or half PVC, nickel bronze or stainless steel grate configurations.

Technical Downloads:


  • 4" outlet socket connection body fits into 4" PVC pipe, and over 3" PVC pipe.
  • 3-in-1 Grate: can be configured into a full grate, 3/4 grate, or 1/2 grate..

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