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ICP International Comfort Products J28R06881 Unit Heater Control Board.

Alternate Part Numbers:

  • 11J28R06881
  • 11J28-06881

Product Note:

  • This board is the current replacement to the "Old Style" J28R06881 | 11J28R06881 | 11J28-06881.
  • The "Old Style" control board is no longer available.

Manufacturer Note:

When replacing tubular unit heater control board part # J28R06881, you will notice the design has been updated.  The cooling relay and corresponding terminals have been removed from the board since unit heater do not have a mechanical cooling mode.  [Mestek] also improved the control board troubleshooting LED.  The LED now comes with a 20" wire so that if the owner choses to, the LED can be run to the exterior of the unit cabinet.  This assists with troubleshooting the unit without the need to remove any panels.

To install the new board, the wires from the fan motor which were previously connected to the "ACB Heater" and "ACB Cool" terminals will now land on the terminals designated as "ACC1" on the replacement board.  The jumper that was previously used between the "ACB Heat" and "ACB Cool" terminals is no longer needed.

If the owner does not wish to run the LED to the exterior of the unit, the LED can be placed in the bottom of the electrical compartment.  For the low profile, propeller unit heater models, the LED should be placed in the electrical compartment away from the burner.

To install the LED on the exterior of the unit, an 11/16" hole will need to be drilled in the jacket panel.  Care should be taken when selecting a mounting hole location to ensure that the wire does not run too close to the burner on tubular duct furnaces and low profile, propeller unit heater models.  For ease of viewing, it is recommended the hole be placed on the front panel for tubular duct furnaces and low profile propeller unit heater models. For other tubular unit heater models,. it is recommended the hole be placed on the bottom panel of the electrical compartment for ease of viewing.  Once the hole is drilled, the LED is inserted and locked into place using the lock nut that shipping with the [board].  The wire is then plugged into the pin connectors located on the control board next to the heating relay.

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