CFM CX-PRO Whole House UVGI Ducted Air Purifier w/ UVC Light

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CFM CX-PRO Whole House Ducted Air Purifier w/ UVC Light

CFM CX-PRO Whole House UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal IrradiationDucted Air Purifier w/ UVC Light.

Product Overview:

CX-Pro combines three powerful purification forces into the CX-Pro whole house air purifier that is ozone free. The high-intensity UVC germicidal lamp neutralizes viruses, bacteria and mold. The patented design uses a Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) process to neutralize odors and toxic VOCs into benign constituents and an activated carbon adsorption media to trap odors and toxic chemicals. In as little as two hours, the CX-Pro neutralizes 93.6% of airborne germs and 80% of odors and VOCs.

Features & Benefts:

  • High-intensity, UVC germicidal lamp
  • Aluminum substrate & carbon media never need replacing
  • Easily installs in an HVAC duct system
  • Install in supply duct, in return plenum or above AC coil
  • Irradiates AC coil of toxic organics and biofilm
  • Ozone free
  • Pre-wired 120V power cord; 230V option
  • 2-year lamp efficiency
  • Limited 10-year warranty


  1. UVC Germicidal Lamp

    CFM CX-PRO Whole House Ducted Air Purifier w/ UVC Light
    1. Neutralizes airborne microbes such as viruses, bacteria & mold

    2. Irradiates AC coil of toxic organics and biofilm

  2. Catalytic Aluminum Substrate

    1. Breaks down VOCs & biologicals with its patented PCO process

  3. Activated Carbon Adsorption Media

    1. Traps odors & toxic chemicals with its activated carbon surface

Model CX-Pro
In-Duct Dim. 17.75 in.
Sizing 1.5-5.0 tons
Pressure Drop 0.02 in.wg
Surface Area 3,500 sq. in.
Voltage 120/230 V
UV Range (n.m.) 254 n.m
Lamp 50 watts
Lamp Intensity 135 μW/cm²@1m
Weight 3.6 lbs
CX-Pro Replacement Parts  
CX-PRO-RL 17.5" UVC Lamp
CX-PRO-TB Ballast 120V

How the CX-PRO Whole House Air Purifier Works:

CFM CX-PRO Whole House Ducted Air Purifier w/ UVC Light

As indoor air circulates through the duct system, it passes through the treatment zone of the CX-Pro whole house air purifier. The UVC germicidal lamp neutralizes an organism’s DNA, preventing it from replicating. The catalytic aluminum substrate, which is permanently bonded with titanium dioxide, maximizes the exposure of biologicals and toxic gases. The PCO process occurs when the catalyst is excited by the irradiation of UVC light, deactivating microbes and deconstructing molecular bonds. While the carbon adsorption media traps odors and toxic impurities, the PCO process catalyzes impurities and refreshes the carbon adsorption media.

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