Acudor ED-2002 Flush Mount Econo Access Door

Size: 6"x6"
Latch: SC Stainless Steel Screwdriver Operated Cam Latch
Sale price$12.00


The Acudor ED-2002 flush access door is an economical and attractive access door for walls & ceilings. This quality product is ideally suited for apartments, condominiums and office buildings. A Concealed hinge, rounded safety corners on the flange and a grey baked enamel prime coat are all standard features of this access door. Additional features include a flush fit door panel with formed edge.

Available Sizes:

6" x 6", 8" x 8", 10" x 10", 12" x 12", 14" x 14", 16" x 16", 18" x 18", 20" x 20", 24" x 24".

Technical Documentation:

Acudor ED-2002 Flush Mount Econo Access Door Product Page: Click Here.

Acudor ED-2002 Flush Mount Econo Access Door Specification Submittal: Click Here.

Cross Reference:

Acudor ED-2002 Flush Mount Econo Access Door Crosses:

  • Mifab UA
  • Maxam Van-Met NSM
  • Cendrix AHD
  • Can-Auqa CA-HD
  • Barco BAR-300
  • Cesco C-NT
  • Elmdor DW
  • J.L. Industries TM
  • Karp DSC-214M
  • Larsend L-MP
  • Milcor M3202
  • Nystrom NT
  • Williams Brothers WB-UAD
  • Backcock-David B-NT

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