Zurn Z1020XL Electronic Trap Primer, 5-Port Header

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Zurn Z1020XL Electronic Trap Primer, 5-Port Header

Zurn Z1020XL Electronic Trap Primer, 5-Port Header, Lead-Free.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lead-Free
  • Low voltage (24VAC)
  • Pre-programmed to provide six-second water injection into traps
  • Complete with galvanized steel combination surface or recessed mount box and cover
  • Replaces Z1020, Z1020-5
  • Also available as a Z1020-10, 10-Port Configuration

Product Specification:

Factory programmed, 5-port, Lead-Free Electronic Trap Primer providing a six second water injection to traps every twenty-four hours*. Trap primer features a galvanized steel combination surface or recessed housing and cover, 1/2 [13] solder copper inlet connection, brass ball-type stop valve, slow closing 24 VAC solenoid valve with integral strainer, 120 - 24 VAC transformer, brass atmospheric vacuum breaker, PEX waterway, and anti-scaling multi-port manifold with five 1/ 2 [13] Male PEX outlet connections.

Technical Specification:

  • Min. Pressure: 3 psi
  • Working Pressure: 20 to 100 psig
  • Default Settings:
    • Frequency: 24 hours
    • lnjection Time: 6 seconds
    • Volume: 2 oz. min. per port.


You can add distribution units to each of the header outlets if required. i.e. You can add a Z1022-XL-DU2-LT to turn the single outlet into a double-port outlet. Or, you can added a Z1022-XL-DU3-LT to turn a single outlet into a three-port outlet. The maximum number of outlets achievable on a Z1020XL 5-Port is 20 (using [x5] Z1022-XL-DU4-LT's).

Technical Downloads:

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