NDS FWSD69 4" Surface Drain Inlet with Grate

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 NDS FWSD69 4" Surface Drain Inlet with Grate

NDS FWSD69 4" Surface Drain Inlet with Grate.

Product Overview:

The NDS FWSD69 is use to drain excess water and direct it to a more water safe area such as a curb or gutter.

Can be utilized with the NDS Flo-Well Kit FWAS24WH.

    Product Specification:

    • Product Type: Flo-Well Kit / Floor Drains
    • Material: UV Protected High Density Polypropylene (HDPE)
    • Color: Black
    • Height: 9"
    • Diameter: 6-3/8"
    • Weight: 1.87 Lbs.
    • Open Surface Area: 8.22 square inches
    • Flow Rate with 1/2" of Head: 25.15 GPM
    • Flow Rate with 1" of Head: 25.15 GPM

    Technical Downloads:

    Product Media:

    Drainage Benefits of the NDS Flo-Well:

     How do I calculate the volume of stormwater runoff for my drainage system?

     How do I determine the stormwater runoff on my property?

    Drainage Systems for Landscape and Yard: Flo-Well and Pop-Up Emitters by NDS

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