Lifebreath 267 Max Residential Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) 267CFM

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Lifebreath 267 Max Residential Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) 267CFM

Product Overview:

Bringing Compact to a Whole New Level

  • ECM Motor. Provides higher output and very low power consumption.
  • Digital Wall Control (DXPL02). For easy programmability.
  • Aluminum HEX Core. With lifetime warranty.
  • Compatible with our wireless timer (DET02).

Engineering Data 

  • THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE, PATENTED ALUMINUM CORE The counter-flow heat recovery core transfers heat between the two airstreams. It is easily removed for cleaning or service.
  • MOTORS AND BLOWERS Each airstream has one centrifugal blower driven by a common PSC motor, with multiple fan speed operations.
  • FILTERS Washable MERV-6 air filters in exhaust and supply airstreams. Upgrade to MERV-13 option available.
  • MOUNTING Four threaded inserts at corners of the cabinet designed to accept the “S” hooks and hanging straps supplied with the unit.
  • DEFROST Recirculating damper defrost system.
  • CASE Twenty gauge prepainted galvanized steel for superior corrosion resistance. Insulated to prevent exterior condensation. Drain connections 2 - 1/2 in. (12 mm) OD. Balancing ports are located on door.
  • INSTALLER SELECTABLE HIGH SPEED SETTINGS Adjustable DIP switches are located on the circuit board, Hi3 is the factory setting. Refer to the installation manual for the adjustment instructions.
  • ELECTRONICS The DXPL03 control included with the unit can be wall mounted in a central location of the home. 3 wire 20 gauge (min.) 100 ft length (max.)

Product Features

  • 5 speed fan operation on each mode
  • 2 speed fan operation (Low/High)
  • Continuous low speed fan operation
  • Humidity control through adjustable Dehumidistat
  • Large digital LCD screen
  • Continuous Ventilation
  • Continuous Recirculation
  • 20 ON/40 OFF
  • 10 ON/50 OFF
  • 20 ON/40 Recirculation
  • 20/40/60 min. High speed override button
  • Compatible with 99-DET02 Wireless Timer
  • 3 wire connection
  • Auto Balance

Technical Downloads:

Lifebreath 267MAX Specification Sheet 

Lifebreath 267MAX Homeowners Sheet 

Lifebreath 267MAX Installation Manual

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