Sioux Chief 250-122AB TurboVent Air Admittance Valve with 1-1/2"-2" ABS Dual Fit Adapter

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Sioux Chief 250-122AB TurboVent Air Admittance Valve / Auto Air Vent with 1-1/2"-2" ABS Dual Fit Adapter.

Features & Benefits:

  • Installation Savings - more cost-effective than the typical mix of fittings, hangers, pipe, and flashings when venting through the roof.
  • Self-Cleaning - actuator spins with each activation to clean the sealing surface.
  • Engineered Performance - Positively seals with 13 psig of back pressure. Single sealing surface reduces risk of inadequate seal.
  • Tested & Certified - ASSE 1050 and 1051; IAPMO classified listing.
  • Actuating device within the unit spins with each activation, keeping the seal free of dust and debris
  • Quick opening air valve at 0.01" negative pressure. Positive seal with 13 PSIG of back-pressure
  • Each unit is available with DWV adapter
  • Protective debris cover ships with each unit
  • New contractor packs available

How It Works:

Sioux Chief 250-122AB TurboVent Air Admittance Valve with 1-1/2"-2" ABS Dual Fit Adapter

The Sioux Chief TurboVent™ AAV is designed to allow air into the DWV system without allowing harmful sewer gas into a building, while also preventing siphonage of the trap seal.

  1. Valve is normally closed, preventing the escape of sewer gas from the DWV system.
  2. When waste water drains, it creates negative pressure in the DWV system, which lifts open the actuator within the AAV and allows air to enter the system. As the actuator is lifted, its turbine fins spin the device clockwise, cleaning the sealing surface upon each activation.
  3. After the water has drained completely, the valve closes.


Sioux Chief 250-122AB TurboVent Air Admittance Valve with 1-1/2"-2" ABS Dual Fit Adapter
  1. GGlue adapter to pipe
  2. Apply PTFE tape to threads
  3. Thread TurboVent™ into adapter

Installation Tips:

  • Install in an area with adequate ventilation.
  • Install in the upright position, not exceeding 15 degrees from vertical.
  • Install in an accessible location for inspection and maintenance.
  • Do not install outdoors.
  • Do not subject AAV units to temperatures below –40˚ F or above 150˚ F.
  • Install TurboVent™ at least 4" above the trap arm.
  • Install TurboVent™ 6" above insulation for attic applications.
  • Remove protective debris cover before first use and activation.
  • Always use with at least one primary vent stack to the atmosphere.
  • Use TurboVent™ on the same floor as the fixtures being vented. Connect to the horizontal drain line.

Product Specification:

Sioux Chief 250 series TurboVent air admittance valves shall be installed in either branch or stack applications as vent terminal for secondary venting within the plumbing system. Valve shall incorporate an actuating device which spins upon activation to keep the elastomeric sealing surface clean and free of debris. During drainage, actuating device shall raise a designed distance under negative line pressure to allow optimal air fl ow into the DWV system. Valve shall provide a positive seal at 0 PSI and under any positive line pressure to prevent sewer gasses from entering the living space. Valve shall comply with IPC model code and be certifi ed to ASSE 1050 and 1051 standards.


  • Housing / Thread Body: ABS
  • Actuating Device: ABS
  • Sealing Member: Elastomer
  • Adapter: PVC or ABS

DFU Rating:

  • STACK:
    • 8 drainage fixture units (when connected to a 1-1/2" pipe)
    • 24 drainage fixture units (when connected to a 2" pipe)
    • 20 drainage fixture units (when connected to a 1-1/2" pipe)
    • 160 drainage fixture units (when connected to a 2" pipe)


  • Certified by ASSE to 1050 and 1051
  • Listed by IAPMO
  • Conforms to: International Plumbing Code (IPC 2009)
  • International Residential Code (IRC 2009) Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC 2009) section 301.2

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