Zurn 66955-849-9 Z886 Series Grate Lockdown Hardware Stainless Steel (Bag of 4)

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Zurn 66955-849-9 Z886 / Z883 Series Grate Lockdown Hardware in Stainless Steel (Bag of 4).


  • (x4) stainless steel lock-clips (x4) stainless steel bolts and (x4) stainless steel washers.
  • With raised hex head.
  • Secures the Z886 series grates to the trench drain channel or frame.
  • One bag includes enough hardware to secure (x4) grates.
  • One bag per Z886 channel, or one bag per (x2) Z883 Channels.


  • Some Z886 series grates require different lockdown hardware.
  • Contact Us if you are unsure which kit to order.

Product Dimension:

  • Clips: 4-5/8" Long
  • Bolt: 1.5", Raised Hex Head

ALT Product Code:

  • P886-GL-SS, 886-GL-SS, P886 GL SS, Z886-GL-SS, 886-GL, Z886 GL

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