Phoenix FS450A Evaporative Cooler Side Discharge Frigiking Series

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Phoenix FS450A Evaporative Cooler Side Discharge Frigiking Series.

Precision Crafted, Engineered to Last

Ideal for roof installation, this cooler features a unique full-closing damper to seal the unit and prevent winter heat loss. The versatile side discharge unit is perfect for either roof or thru-the-wall installations. Our wide angle pad lancing provides maximum air intake for maximum efficiency. It includes factory 115V pump, float and bleed-off, and a quick disconnect. You have a choice of a 1- or 2-speed motor.

Reliable Performance – Minimum Maintenance

All Stages of our manufacturing emphasize quality and efficiency and every Frigiking Air Cooler is built to the most exacting standards. The cabinet design with a deep drawn bottom pan is constructed with hot dipped galvanized steel and coated with an attractive appliance type finish. Every component is engineered for reliable performance, so your cooler will last through the years of cooling comfort with a minimum of maintenance. In short, the Frigiking cooler is your best choice for years of comfort and economical trouble-free operation.

Standards and Acceptance:

  • U.L. Classified.

Features & Benefits:

Finishing Process

  • PMI’s exclusive MIRROSCOPIC Blower shaft finish process yields a 90% improvement over the industry standard “ground finish”. This means quieter operation as well as longer bearing and shaft life for your cooler!

Easy Access Gravity-Held Doors

  • Easy to remove access doors reduce maintenance time.

Easy Setup

  • Junction box allows for easy plug-in connections of motor and pump.

Prevents Winter Heat Loss

  • Down Discharge models include our exclusive slide damper to seal the duct and prevent winter heat loss.

Reliable Motor

  • High-torque, belt driven motors are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL Listed).Note: Motors Sold Separately.

Quiet Operation

  • Oversized balanced blower wheels generate maximum air while providing quiet operation.

PEBLAR XT Protective Powder Coating:

  • Our exclusive Peblar XT surface preparation is the highest quality and most costly outdoor architectural grade finish used in the industry to date. This attractive multi-layered bonded treatment protects your cooler against corrosion and assures years of reliable service.


  • UL Classified Models: The FRGIKING models are Classified by UL as Evaporative Air Coolers in accordance with the Uniform Mechanical Code.

Technical Documentation:

Phoenix FS450A Evaporative Cooler Side Discharge Frigiking Series Brochure: Click Here.

Phoenix FS450A Evaporative Cooler Side Discharge Frigiking Series Specification Submittal: Click Here.

Phoenix FS450A Evaporative Cooler Side Discharge Frigiking Series Owners Guide: Click Here.

Phoenix FS450A Evaporative Cooler Side Discharge Frigiking Series Parts List: Click Here.

Phoenix FS450A Evaporative Cooler Side Discharge Frigiking Series Warranty: Click Here.

Special Notes:

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