CFM BDD125 5" Spring Loaded Backdraft Damper

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CFM BDD125 5" Spring Loaded Backdraft Damper

CONTIENTAL FAN CFM BDD125 5" Duct Spring Loaded Backdraft Damper.


BDD backdraft dampers are available in the spring-loaded and gravity style backdraft dampers. The spring loaded dampers are available in 4″, 5″, 6″ & 8″ models with a center pin design and a 10″ & 12″ center post design. The gravity damper is available in 7″,14″ & 16″ and offers a galvanized steel housing and aluminum butterfly damper blades. Available backdraft damper models:

  • Spring Loaded Dampers:
    • BDD100 Backdraft damper 4″
    • BDD125 Backdraft damper 5″
    • BDD150 Backdraft damper 6″
    • BDD200 Backdraft damper 8″
    • BDD250 Backdraft damper 10″
    • BDD300 Backdraft damper 12″
  • Gravity Operated Dampers
    • BDD175 Backdraft damper 7″
    • BDD355 Backdraft damper 14″
    • BDD400 Backdraft damper 16″

Technical Data:

CFM BDD125 5" Spring Loaded Backdraft Damper

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