Boshart TFP-ST252UJ24 Pressure Tank Tee Package - 304 SS Union

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Boshart TFP-ST252UJ24 Tank Tee Package - 304 SS Union

Boshart TFP-ST252UJ24 Pressure Tank Tee Package - 304 SS Union.

Product Overview:

A Tank Tee is a fitting with multiple connections and accessory ports, and when utilized, it creates a neat and compact installation.  There are two line connections; one for the inlet supply line from the pump / well, and the other connects to the discharge line to the plumbing system. Four FPT accessory ports for a pressure switch, pressure gauge, relief valve and drain valve eliminate the need for having multiple fittings and nipples which add clutter around a pressure tank.  

Product Specifications:

  • Design: Union

  • Primary Material: 304 Stainless Steel

  • Tank Tee: 07ST-25-2U

  • Boiler Drain: SSHB52-05

  • Relief Valve: SSRVN05-075

  • Nipple: SS304N-0230

  • Pressure Gauge: PGS25-100

  • Pressure Switch: FSG2J24

  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 6.30 in.
    • Height: 3.30 in.
    • Length: 13.00 in.
    • Weight: 4.42 lb.

Technical Information:

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